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3D Laser Marking For Irregular Shape Products

To meet the demand of surface processing, 3D laser marking technology is now emerging. It is favored by various industries for its fast and efficient, safe and environmental friendly features, and there are laser footprints in many fields.

In order to meet the demand for curved surface processing, 3D laser marking technology is now emerging. It is favored by various industries for its fast, efficient, safe and environmentally friendly characteristics, and has a laser footprint in many fields.

In the application of graphic information marking, the more common is the use of traditional two-dimensional laser marking machine in a variety of metal or non-metallic materials for flat marking. However, in order to meet the demand for three-dimensional surface marking of various products in the market, 3D surface laser marking machine came into being and has been continuously matured and developed.

3D laser marking is a laser surface depression processing method, compared with the traditional 2D laser marking, 3D marking on the processing object surface flatness requirements have been significantly reduced, in the process of deep carving, not only to ensure the effect, but also to improve efficiency, can be processed more colorful effects, more creative processing process came into being.

Traditional flat marking machine in the workpiece must be placed on the same plane, and the processing surface must also be on the same plane, in order to achieve a molding marking, can not complete the surface marking. At the same time, the traditional 2D marking for deep sculpture on the surface of the object has inherent defects, with the laser focus of the engraving process, the actual surface of the object on the laser energy will drop sharply, which seriously affects the effect and efficiency of deep sculpture.

3D laser marking machine for laser marking processing to enhance the range of technical applications, expanding the demand for surface marking, some of the leading domestic laser companies have developed their own 3D laser marking machine, Jinpaifang laser with mature technical strength to create a first-class 3D laser marking machine, the function of the equipment can achieve a high and low drop of 150mm processing, can complete the 3D relief of metal and non-metallic products processing In addition, especially for a wide range of surface processing, can be configured with 1200 * 1200mm work surface, so Jinpaifang 3D surface laser marking machine can be accurate and efficient marking on a variety of complex curved workpiece, suitable for plastic, pig iron, stainless steel, aluminum and magnesium alloy, aluminum oxide, copper, nickel plating and other materials processing, is a lamp, mold, 3C electronics, automotive parts, electronic parts, craft gifts It is the “marking master” of three-dimensional workpieces such as lamps, molds, 3C electronics, auto parts, electronic parts, craft gifts, etc.

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