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Laser Machine Applications – Laser Demolition Systems and Laser Mine Clearance Systems

In times of peace, large-scale wars are rare nowadays. However, various terrorist attacks occur at home and abroad, especially in airports, stations, subways and other crowded public places, where terrorists use improvised explosive devices or explosives to wreak havoc and cause casualties, triggering all kinds of panic among people.

According to incomplete statistics, in 2018 alone, more than a thousand explosives (such as explosive devices, dumb guns, etc.) were found nationwide, and 366 explosions of hazardous chemicals occurred nationwide, including 22 larger accidents and 4 major accidents, resulting in 34,000 casualties and hundreds of billions of property losses.

Explosive detonation is an extremely dangerous work, a little carelessness will be ruined, so in order to protect the safety of the detonator, destruction robot was born. With the development of the world counter-terrorism situation, destruction robot in recent years a large number of applications in the war on terror and police handling emergencies.

Existing technologies

In general, the market offers a wide range of laser demining systems, and their construction and maintenance costs are high. In some economically underdeveloped areas, the number owned by the security department is very small, and if explosives are found, it is difficult to rely on the equipment alone to deal with.

In addition to the cost, its own hardware and software aspects also have problems, mainly in the following areas.

1. as far as the current technology, the existing laser demining system part of the existence of no alarm prompt function. When there is low power, motor failure and other problems, the operator can not know in time, it is easy to shorten its service life and adversely affect the demolition work.

2. Regarding the aiming system, there is a part of the aiming system is not perfect. Therefore, the firing position may be deviated, making the detonation effect is not good.

3. The product is large in size, which is not convenient to use, etc.

Technology application

Spite laser self-developed laser demining system is a special intelligent equipment used to replace the work of the demolition personnel to deal with explosives, small size, easy to transport. The use of dynamic focus and night vision system, can adapt to most of the working environment; using a tablet computer to operate from a distance, can significantly improve the efficiency of existing demolition operations, minimize the risk of demolition personnel operations, to ensure the safety of demolition personnel life.

At present, the laser demining system can be used for the joint security forces in the service management of the drop box bomb, overturned car bomb, especially in the daily training of unexploded bombs appear fast, safe, non-contact destruction processing. Can also be used for public security and armed police forces in their daily work, the collection of dangerous explosive items found and the disposal of improvised explosive devices at a distance.

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