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The Unique Advantages of Laser Engraving and Marking

In the process of people’s lives and construction, there are many kinds of pipes and cables that cross each other, and it is often easy to confuse their functions. In the past, they were marked by means of outer inkjet markings and labeling. However, these pipes, cables, once laid out, will be used for a long time, and may often need to face the harsher surrounding environment, these markers can hardly withstand a variety of tests.

“These cables, once laid, several years or even decades line will not change. And most of the wires we lay are exposed to the air or buried underground.” The telecom bureau installer told us.

“In the past, we used inkjet markers, or stickers, which created a lot of unnecessary trouble because they were often worn out or peeled off. Now users are demanding permanent markers that won’t lose paint or come off.” The person in charge of a cable production base in Wuhan told us, “Later on, all cables produced are marked with laser marking. New technology is good! The markings are clear and permanent, and there is little pollution and wear.”

Inkjet marked cables

External marking of the cable

Laser marked cable

Huagong laser online laser coding machine applied to PPR pipe

Huagong laser online laser coding machine applied to wire and cable

It can be seen that the marking is high contrast, no touch, no burst and very clear. “The online laser coding machine of Huagong laser we use can realize high-speed automatic operation, and it is easy to operate, fast marking speed, and the production efficiency is also improved than before!” Huagong laser is a leading enterprise in the industry, earlier launched the online laser coding machine, because of its “flying” marking speed was praised by customers as “flying series”.

At present, some international developed countries have taken laser marking technology as the process standard for industrial processing, China also attaches great importance to this technology, the National Science and Technology Commission has listed the technology as “eight five torch plan” for development and promotion. This black technology has now attracted the attention of more and more domestic manufacturers!

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